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Pajero Traction Loom

Mitsubishi Pajero Plug & Play Traction On/Off Loom

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Switch works like charm. Got me out of a difficult stuck situation effectively using PAJERO power!!! The re engagement of traction with RD lock helps tremendously

Gaurav, March 2021

Installed my traction control switch I got from @cronos4x4 the other week, so much better being able to turn off the Traction Control on the soft stuff!

Thedadwagon_23, March 2021

Thanks Cronos 4x4 received traction control loom, have installed it-great turn around time straight forward installation and delivered what was stated. From Western Australia.

Damien, February 2021

Great product, so easy to install so smooth to operate,, plug and play no cutting any wires and it works like magic..

Suleiman, January 2021

Easy install and works, have not tried it off road yet but seems to do at advertised, so far very happy

Luke, January 2021

The traction control loom was exactly what i was looking for. No cut wires or pulling fuses and hoses, just hit the switch and traction is completely off would definitely recommend.

Zia, January 2021

Installed the plug and play loom!! Amazing mod and a must if you are offroading regularly!!

Hari, December 2020

Got me out of some serious stuck. No more left foot braking to simulate traction control

Archie, November 2020

Best mod! Front diff simulator, helps when stuck offroad. Should be in every Pajero!

Moaz, October 2020

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